XA-1 + XA-2 Combo Pack

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XA1-XA2-2-100XA1-XA2-3-100The XA-1 + XA-2 FASLINK™ Adapter Combo Pack allows you to connect the MFC (Ethernet/EtherCON) port of an Axe-Fx II (original or Mark II) to the Axe-Fx/Expansion (Ethernet/EtherCON) port of an MFC-101 (original or Mark II.)

In short, if neither of your units has a FASLINK port, this package will allow you to connect them over FASLINK.

The XA-1 features a XLR Female connector and a Ethernet/EtherCON female connector.
The XA-2 features a XLR Male connector and a Ethernet/EtherCON female connector.

Benefits of FASLINK™ include:

  • FASLINK™ powers the MFC-101 from the Axe-Fx without a "wall wart" AC Adapter.
  • XLR Cables are more readily available than network cables.
  • XLR Cable lengths of up to 100' are supported.
  • XLR Cables are more resistant to damage on stage or in a road case.
  • FASLINK™ Adapters are ultra-portable (1.75" x 1.5" x 3.3", @ 4.1 oz.)

Connect the XA-1 and XA-2 FASLINK Adapters as follows:


For connecting an Axe-Fx II (original or Mark II) to an MFC-101 Mark III with an onboard FASLINK port,
please purchase an XA-1 FASLINK™ Adapter.

For connecting the FASLINK™ port of an Axe-Fx II XL to the Ethernet/EtherCON port of an MFC-101 original or Mark II,
please purchase an XA-2 FASLINK™ Adapter.

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