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Axe-Edit 3

Tap the full creative potential of the Axe-Fx II with Axe-Edit 3, an application for Mac or Windows that allows you to create, view, edit and manage presets. Axe-Edit 3 is reliable and easy-to-use. The large intuitive interface shows the entire grid at once and speeds productivity with the ability to edit using mouse and keyboard. Create complex layouts with ease, edit scenes, copy and paste blocks, and much more. Manage presets and user cabs in your hardware with ease.

Download Axe-Edit


Axe-Edit for OS X
Dec 8, 2016 Version 3.11.0 - .dmg file.
Requires OS X Version 10.6.8 or newer.
Requires Axe-Fx II Firmware version Quantum 3.0 or newer.


Axe-Edit for Windows 10, 8, 7, Vista
Dec 8, 2016 Version 3.11.0 - .exe file.
Requires Win 10, 8.x, 7.x or Vista (x86 or x64).
Requires Axe-Fx II Firmware version Quantum 3.0 or newer.


Axe-Edit Getting Started Guide 
Jul 21, 2014 - version 3.0.12 - PDF
How to install and use Axe-Edit 3.


Unsupported Legacy versions of Axe-Edit for older Axe-Fx II firmware versions and Ultra/Standard can be found at a 3rd party web site:






Axe-Edit Features

  • Mac and Windows versions.

  • Reliable, Stable, and Extensible.

  • Newly-designed Intuitive interface.

  • Requires the Axe-Fx II with firmware Quantum 1.0 or newer.

  • Create or edit sounds right on your Axe-Fx.

  • Edit every sound parameter, including modifiers.

  • Import and Export files to share with others.

  • Copy and Paste effect blocks between presets.

  • Save snapshots (undo points) while you edit.

  • On-screen tuner and tempo.

  • On screen modifier graphs and filter curves.

  • Modifiers show controller values in real time.

  • And much more...