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jacques isler

Nice of you to stop by. Please allow me to introduce myself and say a few words about G66:

My name is jacques isler und for much of my life I’ve been importing musical instruments. It all started with the Musigstübli on the fourth floor of a building in Zurich with rare guitars that I brought across directly from the USA. Many of them would certainly be worth an XXL fortune today. The next step was Islermusig, in the heart of Zurich, which within a few years became the music shop in Switzerland. This foot in the door allowed me to become a successful European distributor to Germany, Austria and Switzerland for the world’s best-known products, however this time as a wholesaler, i.e. I was now selling exclusively to retailers. In the 90s my portfolio contained around 100 of the best-known brands and I had a staff of 70 workers to help me serve the music retail branch. It is this experience and these world-wide connections that G66 customers profit from to this day.

And because the world and especially the music retail business is always changing, in 2006 I succumbed to the temptation to get back to my roots and once again sought contact to you, the musician and end-user. This time, however, rather than selling locally over the counter it was to be Europe-wide via the Internet, but still with an emphasis on the personal and individual touch. This is how G66 was born.

In April 2007 I paid an almost historical visit to a certain Cliff Chase, who back then was only known to a select few insiders. Cliff is one of the world’s leading specialists in digital signal processing, a proper genius who will probably have a whole chapter devoted to him in the music history books of the future and he recognised straight away that the service-oriented direct concept at G66 was exactly what he had planned for his products. He then made us his distributor for the whole of Europe and so started a very special partnership.

Our idea of making direct contact with our customers to our business model has proven itself time and time again and we are extremely happy that it works so well. We can therefore look to the future with pleasant anticipation and happily continue to offer our customers a service that we would like to be experience when we buy things ourselves: flexible, obliging, straightforward and always available, with a team that is small enough to allow us to always know who we are communicating with, be it via the Internet, telephone or occasionally face-to-face.

jacques isler

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