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Matrix GT1500FXBD


Multi-channel guitar power amplifiers have been requested for a number of years but in the past have been too heavy, bulky and expensive to build. Now England's Matrix Amplification has just released the first 3-channel power amp for guitarists that is light, affordable, reliable and portable.


With the advent of modern modelling pre-amps such as the Fractal Audio Axe-Fx II, with its flexibility in routing options, the GT1500FXBD can give guitarists the ultimate in flexibility and sound in a lightweight yet powerful amplifier.


Developed by Matrix Amplification's boss Andy Hunt with the help of French amp-guru Bruno Durand, the GT1500FXBD is a 3 channel amplifier delivering 500W per channel at 4 ohms. With the same voicing as the flagship GT1000FX amplifiers it weighs only 3.8kg and is packed into a 19" 1U format. But who really needs three channels?


1.) The obvious use for a 3 channel amp is when you want to run 3 cabs in a wet/dry/wet setup. This is basically a signal split to 3 cabs with the middle cab dry (with no effects) and the other 2 cabs fed with stereo effects. This gives the clarity of the dry signal and the ability to dial in the effects to taste providing what most guitarists feel is a huge sound that isn't mushy

2.) Professional players have been using this type of setup for many years but it has always been out of reach of a lot of players due to the weight of extra amps and extra cabs, not to mention the expense of extra gear.

3.) Having 3 channels also gives you the ability to run a stereo rig as normal for yourself and an extra channel for monitoring, either for yourself or another member of the band. Or how about setting up a 2.1 type rig with a sub and 2 satellite speakers?

4.) Multi-instrumentalists or players wanting to take advantage of multi-preamp sources can also be catered for. Even the guy in the band that just plays on the one song can use a channel without having to fetch along another car load of gear!


To sum it up the Matrix GT1500FXBD combines the best of both worlds: warm, transparent, punchy, dynamic, tube-like tone at every imaginable volume and reliable, transport-friendly solid-state internals. The Matrix 1500FXBD will fit just about any playing situation you may need from your rig. It is the ultimate power amplifier for guitarists.

Owner's Manual



  • 3-channel amp for Wet/Dry/Wet and similar setups
  • Full, vibrant sound
  • Excellent dynamic response
  • Plenty of punch
  • 500 Watts per channel at 4 Ohm
  • 325 Watts per channel at 8 Ohm
  • 150 Watts per channel at 16 Ohm
  • Minimal heat build-up
  • No humming
  • Two fans
  • High output
  • Lots of headroom
  • Safeguarded against incorrect use
  • Flexible connections for various impedances and cabinets
  • Input sensitivity: 0.775V - 0dB
  • Frequency Response: 8hz-24kHz
  • Only 3,8 kg in 1HE
  • Extremely low THD
  • Extremely high signal-to-noise ratio