Schon gehört, gespielt und gestaunt? 'Gitarre & Bass‘ erklärt in seiner Review, warum der Thronfolger des Modeling-Reichs am Anfang seiner Zeit schon furchterregend gut ist.

Peter Autschbach, im Fractal-Erlebnisland zuhause, ist mit seiner vielseitigen und klangstarken Musik, seinen Axe-Fx Videos und seinen Gitarrenbüchern ein fester Bestandteil der Gitarrenszene. Bei seinen neuen Projekten nutzt der Vollblutmusiker das Axe-Fx III und taucht in seine große Leidenschaft ab: den Jazz.

The Axe-Fx is known for being the perfect and ultimate solution for your sound. Or is there perhaps something missing or would you li­ke a bit more?

Where there is light, there is sometimes even more light.Unbelievably Perfect - the history of reverb, or what the Axe-Fx has to do with Lexicon and Bricasti.

Seen on the Forum - Backstage pics and story by Jon Symons.

Nick who? you might be forgiven for thinking. But if you take a look at just who Nick Raskulinecz has produced, recorded or mixed albums for, you will quite probably recognize his musical signature: Interesting comments from one of the USA’s most successful rock music producers.

Whether it’s a legendary guitar synthesizer or even more legendary bagpipes, the Axe-Fx can do them all. And this without even needing any leather bags.

A looper allows you to record a short piece of your playing and then play it back in a continuous loop: The Looper and its many options - or have you already looped your Axe-Fx or AX8 today?

The well-known interactive guitar magazine iGuitar has put the Axe-Fx II through a comprehensive test and made a very thorough and highly informative 28-minute video to go with it.

In the past we have regularly done portraits of fractal users who have caught our eye. This time we'd like to tell you about a certain YEK,  a European with a distinctly Dutch accent.Yek is a seemingly unending source of knowledge on the Fractal Audio Forum. But who is he really? We found out.

(Vintage article from 2009): Evolution of Rock Guitars, Part I bis IV. Time travel with the Norwegian exceptional guitarist and inventor of the cool smile Ketil Strand. Ketil  is an extremely versatile and popular studio and session musician and his is playing many different styles. Very many, actually. But at heart he remains a Rocker. A Norwegian Rocker.

(Vintage-Article from 2007): 
When the Axe-Fx first became available in 2007, a lot of patience was required due to the large number of orders and long waiting times of several months. You can read all about it in the following light-hearted article from the pioneering era of the Axe-Fx ?.

Many of you who are interested in the Axe-Fx will already be familiar with Peter Autschbach – his Axe-Fx videos have received over one millionviews. Yes, exactly, the guy with the yellow glasses and the wonderful guitar tones. The glasses are meanwhile passé, but the tones have become even better; thanks to Fractal Audio. Two videos with, by and about the thoroughbred musician.

Francis Stringbender, from Switzerland, is a pas­sionate guitarist. He likes variety and has there­fore made him­self at home in many dif­ferent music styles. Rock, blues, metal, funk, pop and fusion. He also plays the drums and bass. This of course makes him an ideal part­ner for all types of produc­tion, whether live or in the stu­dio.

Interview with Andrea Puxeddu, a young guitarist from the beautiful Italian island of Sardinia.

Fran Alonso is a guitarist from Las Palmas, in the Canary Islands, also known as The Fortunate Islands. His videos have regularly been featured in our User-Videos on our website We interviewed him to find out a bit more about him and what it is like to be a fortunate guitarist in the Fortunate Islandsguitarist from Las Palmas.

Fractal Audio has matched and even beaten the old school effects, tubes, speakers and microphones approach with digital technology. Not only have they created a device which captures the nuance, mojo and fidelity of the real thing, but it's like having hundreds of real things, stock and custom, in two rack spaces. It is soulful, rich and alive. To me the Axe-Fx II is 
the new real thing.

With the Axe-Fx, I don't ever have to say 'no'. We can select whatever gear we want to use on-stage with Katy, but we have to be able to achieve the sounds she and the musical director are looking for. The Axe-Fx II met our needs for the show and sounds incredible. 

For years we accumulated a multitude of amps and Fx with hopes of achieving the perfect tone. The end result was just a muddy, convoluted mess. Now, in one rack unit, the Axe-FX delivers the highest quality tones and effects while maintaining the authentic 'feel' of a tube amp and is quickly becoming the standard for even the most dogmatic of tone junkies.

The quality of all the effects is superb. There is great depth and transparency, and excellent imaging that makes listening with in-ear monitoring a wonderful aural experience.The choices are limitless and it's fully loaded with all the options you'd ever need.  Take it for a test drive, you won't be disappointed.

Live or in the studio, the Axe-Fx II is the most potent artistic tool a guitarist can own. I've never captured such beautiful, full guitar sounds so easily, whether I'm dialing in a famous tone for an episode of SoloAWeek or my own dream tone I've always heard in my head. The Axe-Fx II inspires me to create every day.

I've tried every modelling unit available on this planet and the Fractal is by far miles ahead in every area. It's also proven to be flawlessly dependable in the studio and live performances. So no matter who tries to get what out of me.... you're not getting my Fractal... ;)

The Axe-fx II is a powerful processor offering an innovative way to capture and create guitar tones that are instantly recallable at any time. Using the Axe-Fx II is truly an inspirational experience.

The Axe-Fx II allows you to bring any sound out there in any genre to your studio or live environment. Anyone who tells me they can't get a good sound out of the Axe-Fx just simply hasn't tried. 

The Axe-Fx II is the most powerful unit out there with the least limitations. I talked to a lot of people and tried other products. The Axe-Fx II was the best sound processor I found and it was a very easy decision to go with the Fractal.

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