Happy New Year



Jacques & Sussi 

(Flensburg, G66-inventors)

We wish the European G66 community a wonderful 2014 and thank you all for your continuing support – without your enthusiastic spreading of the word the Axe-Fx could never have been such a success story. But today we would also like to give credit to the various G66ers spread across the continent, without whose contributions G66 would only be a shadow of itself. They deserve a very big thank you. But let’s give them a chance to say a few words themselves.




(Deutschland, Flensburg) Technical Checks, Logistics, Repairs, Facebook.

"I’m Ole, Sussi’s brother, and I’ve been with G66 for three years now. G66 has literally become my second home, as I live in the same house and round off the family business. When I was a little boy my sister Sussi used to drive me up the wall, because she always knew everything better. These days she's quite okay ;-).

I look after logistics, deliveries, pre-delivery technical checks, repairs and the G66 Facebook page. I wish all you G66 sympathisers a happy and successful 2014 and am looking forward to all the new G66 challenges in the coming year."



(Deutschland, Duisburg) Technical Customer Support, Fractal Audio Beta-Tester.
"I already worked for G66 back in the 'pre-Axe' days and shortly before the Axe-Fx first came out I was in the process of modernising my guitar rig, which consisted of an old-fashioned tube head and a classic 4x12 cab. I had just acquired a midi switcher and wanted to use it to control my analogue stomp pedal along with some midi-capable modulation effects, reverb and delay. This was all to be packed into a small rack and at my feet I would then have just the midi board and my trusty wah. And then the Axe-Fx came along and changed everything at a stroke. All the things I wanted to achieve were suddenly much easier and much more comfortable. But it wasn’t just convenience that made the change worthwhile – it generally sounded at least as good as well and over the years it has just got better and better. I’ve really never once regretted taking the plunge.

At New Year many people wish for change, make resolutions and plan to do things differently from the years before. With that in mind I hope you will all achieve your wishes and that the coming year will be even better than the previous one."


(Frankreich, Le Mans) Looks after French customers, translates the website, manuals and adverts.

"C'est un grand honneur pour moi de faire partie de la famille de G66 depuis le début. Quand Jacques m'a parlé de l'Axe-Fx la première fois, il m'a dit : "Tu vas voir Nico, c'est la Révolution ! Ben, oui, ça a été la révolution, j'ai vendu tous mes amplis depuis, et ils ne me manquent pas ;-) Une trés Bonne Année 2014 à tous !!! "Axiens" ou pas !!!!
It's been a great honor to be part of the G66 family since the beginning. When Jacques told me the first time about the Axe-Fx, he said: "You'll see Nico, it's like Revolution!"  Well, yes definitely, it has been a Revolution as I sold all my amps, and I don't miss them anymore ;-) A Happy New Year to all!! To Axe users or not!!"


(Italy, Margno) Looks  after Italian customers, translates the website, manuals and adverts.

"La musica per me è emozione e adrenalina, ed è fantastico essere parte di un progetto così dinamico. Auguro a tutti un 2014 ricco di emozioni come quelle che solo i prodotti distribuiti da G66 regalano ogni giorno.

For me music is emotion and adrenaline, and it is fantastic to be part of a project so dynamic. I wish you all a 2014 full of emotions such as those that only products distributed by the G66 offer every day."


(Spanien, Sevilla) Looks after Spanish customers, translates the website, manuals and adverts.

"Desde 2007 formo parte del equipo de G66 y usuario convencido del Axe-Fx desde el primer día! No concibo mi vida sin cada día encender mi Axe-Fx II + MFC101 y enchufarle bien la guitarra, bien el bajo, bien el banjo (no en vano, uno de los mejores y más innovadores banjoistas de la historia, Bèla Fleck, es usuario del Axe-Fx II) - Os deseo un Próspero Año Nuevo.

I’ve been part of the G66 team since 2007 and a devoted AxeFx user since day one! I just can think what my life would be like if I couldn’t hook up my guitar or bass to my AxeFx II + MFC 101 ... or my banjo! - it’s not only coincidental that one of the best and most innovative banjoists ever, Bela Fleck, is a Fractal Audio Artist – I wish you all the best for the New Year!"



(Germany, Gummersbach) Marketing assistant and technical know-how in the background, Fractal Audio Beta Tester.

"As a professional computer-whisperer and previous semi-professional tube snob, I always thought that digital technology had no place in the world of the electric guitar. Fractal Audio taught me differently and with my Axe-Fx II I get far more compliments on my ‘vintage’ tone than I ever got with my vintage equipment.

And as far as New Year Wishes go, I’ll come right out with it and say that I’m no good at all that. I think you can start afresh every day, discover something new, make new decisions, turn everything on its head. You don’t need a special date to do that. All the same, I’d still like to make one very definite wish: in the coming year I’d like people to spend less time quarrelling and getting annoyed and spend more time on making music. Music is the most versatile and peaceful language in the world and that’s exactly why the world needs a whole lot more of it.”



(Österreich, Oberwaltersdorf) English translator with Axe-Fx in his blood.

"Hi, my name’s Alan King and I translate Jacques’s articles into English for the G66 website. In real life I work as so-called “Native Speaker” in a bilingual school in Austria and am studying to get a proper teaching qualification (for English and Music) at the same time. I’ve been using Fractal Audio equipment since it first became available and am more than happy with what it can do - the only limiting factor is my own ability, or lack of it, more likely!

Although my role in the G66 world is only a small one, I feel proud to play a part in what Jacques, Sussi and the rest of the G66 team stand for and wish all of you, employees and customers alike, a wonderful New Year."