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Mission Expression Pedals


For a long time now customers have been asking us what expression pedal they should use with the Axe-Fx and based on our experience, which, after all, has been acquired over many years and the response of many users in the USA, we have always wanted to simply reply with: “One of the pedals from Mission Engineering”. However, up to now that has always meant that our customers had to import the the pedals directly from the USA themselves. Despite the ease of the Internet there is always a slightly negative feeling associated with doing something like this, as your contact person is an awfully long way away and possibly speaks a different language, the method of payment and the shipping costs can be a problem and then there is the added uncertainty of how much import duty will be added to the price of the goods. And then what happens if something goes wrong and you need some service and support?


The Fractal Audio Axe-Fx and MFC-101 and Mission SP-1 and EP-1 pedals were made for each other, literally. Several of the unique features of the Mission expression pedals, such as the integrated toe switch, and spring loaded options were pioneered here at Mission to support some of the features of the amazingly flexible Axe-Fx, and the requests from many of it’s users.


Now, an expression pedal is naturally not what you would call a high-tech product, but it does need to function reliably whether it's just seeing mild use in your bedroom or working hard on a different live stage every night. In either case it's going to spend its life being stood on and this is why Mission only use high-quality and absolutely road-ready materials and components.


These pedals can now be purchased directly from G66 in a striking Custom Orange Finish that is otherwise not available from Mission Engineering. These pedals will definitely get you noticed.


We are starting with two pedals from the Mission Engineering lineup. The first is the EP-1, a classic expression pedal without any extra bells or whistles. Under your foot it feels just like a good old analogue wah-wah pedal.


The second pedal is the SP-1, which is built almost identically to the EP-1 but includes a switch just like in the classic Cry-Baby.


And they both feel just right, too. The much-loved Dunlop-style pedal travel is common to both pedals and with its built-in foot switch the SP-1 behaves exactly like your old analogue wah did – the only difference being that the wah on the the Axe is a hundred times more flexible. You'll find countless tips for recreating some of the world's most popular wah sounds with the Axe-Fx in the Axe-Fx WIKI.


The EP-1 can be fitted with an optional spring load that will return the pedal to heel when you remove your foot. This is great for players who are looking to recreate the feel of a spring loaded wah pedal, or when using the pedal with an auto on/off detection such as the Fractal Audio Axe-Fx auto-engage feature.


In short, both pedals are completely reliable, work perfectly with the Axe-Fx and/or the MFC-101, are totally road-ready and have long been declared the pedal of choice for many working professionals.

Mission SP1

G66-CustomWith Toe Switch. Two 1/4" output jacks, one for the expression pedal, one for the switch.

Sales price: €159.-
Sales price excl. VAT: € 133,61
VAT amount: € 25,39