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Cab-Packs & Cab-Lab

Cab Packs

Élargissez le potentiel sonore de votre Axe-Fx avec les Cab Packs, constitués de fichiers IRs (Réponses d’Impulsion) produits professionnellement et que vous pouvez charger en tant que Baffles Utilisateur (USER CAB) dans votre Axe-Fx. Chaque Cab Pack contient un certain nombre de haut-parleurs, chacun étant repiqués avec un certain nombre de micros positionnés et orientés pour délivrer de nouveaux supers sons de qualité utilisables sur scène et en studio. Le dernier Cab Pack 3 est au nouveau format Ultra Res.

Achetez vos Cab Packs dès maintenant:  shop.fractalaudio.com .

Cab Lab

The built-in ability of the Axe-Fx II to capture IRs—including Tone Matches—plus the release of “Cab IR Packs” from Fractal Audio Systems has helped to propel user cabs to the forefront of the guitar tone conversation. IR Mixing allows you to recombine different IRs into new blends, just as a producer/engineer would craft a guitar tone using a blend of signal from multiple microphones.

Cab-Lab allows you to combine up to eight IRs in the same way. You might blend the big tone of a ribbon on the cone with some sizzle from a close condenser and bring in a bit of large diaphragm for color, or even mix and match different cabinets to create a hybrid. Just load the individual IRs, set the faders, audition the result, and save it to the Axe-Fx II or your computer when you’ve found your sound.

Cab-Lab connects directly to your Axe-Fx II via USB (Ultra/Standard not supported). The program also includes tools to combine IRs in series or convert WAV impulse responses to Axe-Fx II SysEx.

Purchase Cab-Lab now from shop.fractalaudio.com


Introduction by Matt



Loading an IR Cab Pack into the Axe-Fx II XL

Cab Packs + Cab Lab

You can purchase Cab packs and Cab-Lab directly from Fractal Audio's web shop at: