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firmware 300617

User Video

Quantum 7

Released for the Axe-Fx II/XL/XL+ and AX8, March 2017



How much room do you need for 258 top-class guitar amps? Well, as always with serious scie­nce, the proper answer is: "it depends". To store this many tradi­tional tube amps, you would need a cubic space with edges 30 m. You could easily fit the Bran­denburg Tor or the Arc de Triumph in­side a cube that size (but you would have to take the amps out first, of course). With the Axe-Fx II XL+ and the AX8 you don’t need quite as much space, because these little black boxes already contain 258 first-class amp simu­lations. And this means that the above-mentio­ned armada of amps can now fit inside a fairly small ruck­sack. Welcome to the century where dreams come true!

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Tyler Grund: Stevie Ray Vaughan Guitar Tone Tutorial

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Axe-Fx Sound Clips

by Tyler Grund


Tyler Grund

Tyler has taught himself how to play the gui­tar by liste­ning to albums and play­ing with great musi­cians. Early on, he was swept up by the power of Stevie Ray Vaughan and still hea­vily ad­mires the music crea­ted by that iconic artist. He conti­nues to grow as an artist by lis­tening to the nuan­ces of guitar player’s styles to deve­lop a unique ear for tone.

Listen to Tyler's Firm­ware 18 Sound Clips below. Pat­ches down­loadable at  tylergrund.com/axefx2.

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Quantum 6

Released for the Axe-Fx II/XL/XL+ and AX8, December 2016



Advanced Quantum Mechanics.While most of us will hardly have had time to check out the last firmware update, version 6 has already appeared. An update that is easier to hear and feel than to describe.This time it’s all about fine tuning.


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Axe-Fx User Inside


Peter Autschbach

Many of you who are interes­ted in the Axe-Fx will already be fami­liar with Peter Autschbach – his Axe-Fx videos have recei­ved over 500 000 views. Yes, exactly, the guy with the yellow glas­ses and the wonder­ful guitar tones. The glasses are mean­while passé, but the tones have become even bet­ter; thanks to Fractal Audio.

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Featured Axe-Fx Sound Clip

Quantum 5

Released for the Axe-Fx II/XL/XL+ and AX8, November 2016



Just a few days ago the new Quan­tum 5 firm­ware was relea­sed for the Axe-Fx II and shortly after­wards for the AX8. While the upda­te to Quantum 4 was a fairly small step, Quan­tum 5 is once again a huge leap for­wards

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Quantum 3

Released for the Axe-Fx II/XL/XL+ and AX8, May 2016



The amazing Quantum 2 firmware for the Axe-Fx II was extre­mely well-received by the Fractal Community and now, just over two months later, Quantum 3 is already here. And for the first time the Axe-Fx II and its cool younger brother, the AX8, are being further deve­loped in parallel. New firm­ware versions will appear almost simul­taneously for both models, meaning that the AX8 will now always have the same bril­liant amp models and further improve­ments as the Axe-Fx II. There­fore what we write here will mostly be true for both models.

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Cooper Carter: FX8 Intro

Quantum 2

Released for the Axe-Fx II/XL/XL+, Feb 2 2016



We musicians are in an enviable position. While other people have to do all sorts of hair-raising things to feel alive or to relax, we have our music. And we don’t need to look around for long to find new, cool people, because our music has a habit of serving up fine new friendships all the time. All we need to be is open. And since the Axe-Fx came into being, the lives of guitar and bass players have become even better. And now there is once again reason to celebrate: Quantum 2.0, the new firmware for the Axe-Fx II, has been sent from above. What exactly there is to get excited about is the subject of this article. 

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Quantum 1

Released for the Axe-Fx II/XL/XL+, Sep 17 2015

logo f


Even for Fractal Audio themselves, Quantum is a milestone in amp modeling. At the core of the new firmware are new algorithms for circuit simulation in real time (Real-Time Spice), providing a degree of accuracy previously unheard of in any product. According to Fractal Audio mastermind, Cliff Chase, Quantum is the single biggest improvement there has ever been in any of the many firmware updates for the Axe-Fx. 

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Firmware History

  • QUANTUM 7.0 >

    How much room do you need for 258 top-class gui­tar amps?    Read More
  • QUANTUM 6.0 >

    Advanced quantum mecha­nics - this time it’s all about fine tuning. Read More
  • QUANTUM 5.0 >

    Quantum 5 is once again an up­date that ma­kes it feel ‘like a blan­ket has been pul­led off’ or ‘as if the win­dow has just been clea­ned’. Read More
  • QUANTUM 3.0 >

    For the first time the Axe-Fx II and its cool younger brother, the AX8, have been further developed in parallel. Read More
  • QUANTUM 2.0 >

    And now, once again, there is reason to celebrate: Quantum 2.0, the new firmware for the Axe-Fx II, is here. Read More
  • QUANTUM 1.0 >

    In terms of sound and playing feel, has the Axe-Fx long-since caught up with its real-amp counterparts?  Read More
  • FIRMWARE 19 >

    For some, F19 might be the name of a jet fighter so stealthy that no-one has yet set eyes on it. Read More
  • FIRMWARE 18 >

    Now there is G3 - the third gene­ration. And this time there’s no need to buy a new device. Read More
  • FIRMWARE 17 >

    In 1796 Carl Fried­rich Gauss us­ed al­geb­ra to prove 17 points. Read More
  • FIRMWARE 16 >

    We'd like to apolo­gise for the late appear­ance of this article. There is, howe­ver, a simple expla­nation. Read More
  • FIRMWARE 15 >

    Is set to go down in history as the version in which the amp models were no longer distinguishable from the originals. Read More
  • Firmware 14 >

    Yet another update? Yet more amps? Everything is even better again? Read More
  • Firmware 13 >

    23.2.14: Exactly three months ago we presented Firmware 12. Today we are taking a look at what Firmware 13 can do for us. Read More
  • Firmware 12 >

    23.11.13: It’s just over two months since Firmware 11 landed and Number 12 is here already. Let’s see what Cliff’s been working on this time. Read More
  • Firmware 11 >

    10.9.13: Firmware 11 is marked by the simultaneous release of the long-awaited Axe-Edit 3.0 for PC & Mac. Read More
  • Firmware 10 >

     6.4.13: Firmware 10 has just been sent down from heaven. It's the biggest and most wonderful change ever. Read More
  • Firmware 9 >

    6.12.12:  Firmware 9 has just been sent down from heaven. It's the biggest change you've ever 'scene'. Read More
  • Firmware 7 >

    8.8.12:  Number 7 concentrates on the preamp and poweramp stages and some fantastic new amp models. Read More
  • Firmware 6 >

    24.4.12: In the film Jurassic Park scientists recreated dinosaurs from some samples of ancient DNA. Read More
  • Firmware 5 >

    28.1.12: The newest firmware version is all about dynamics and playing feel. A fantastic update. Read More
  • Firmware 4 >

    29.12.11:  Fractal Audio's Mastermind has once again spent his Christmas doing what he loves best - making happy Axe-Fx users even happier. Read More
  • Firmware 3 >

    15.11.11: Cliff Chase just can’t help himself and keeps on improving the World’s best guitar processor. Read More
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Axe-Fx Sound Clips

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Great Factory Presets

Build a Preset for Live

Great Clean Tone

Great Lead Tone

Great Crunch Tone

Live Blending Clean and Lead Tones

Four Cabs at once

Tone Matching an Acoustic

Axe-Fx II Direct to FOH