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Marco Fanton

Marco's versatility accompanies the viewer from video to video. Funk, Pop, Rock, Blues - clinically he works out tones for every genre, fills them up with different scenes and always keeps up the groove. The sounds go from clean to just slightly breaking the tone to totally insane. Not only does he let you experience his tweeking while developing the tone (for example in this video), he always shows how to use the entire range of a single preset.

Currently, Marco has his own cover band 'MFP', where he plays his and the music of his favourite artists. His favourite guitarists are: Steve Lukather, Santana, Steve Vai, Joe Satriani and others.

Check out the different sections for videos demoing the Axe-Fx III or AX8. Stay tuned on our Youtube playlists where you'll find the best Axe-Fx III tutorials or sound videos.

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