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The FR12 is a small, light powerhouse. With its compact dimensions and a weight of only 12.9 kg it can be carried easily with just one hand, leaving your other hand free for other important things, such as a second FR12, for example. It has a specially designed high-performance loudspeaker plus a horn tweeter, which allow it to achieve a very linear response across the entire frequency range. Both are powered by a built-in 300 Watt power amp using the same proven solid state technology that can be found in other Matrix products.

This is all controlled by a specially adapted digital signal processor with several duties. For one it optimizes the system depending on how it is being used, for example on the floor or raised, or in very quiet situations, where aural compensation is required. Its main function, however, is to drive the speaker system optimally, so that a constantly high sound pressure with fantastic bass response can be maintained whilst nevertheless remaining truly linear. This means that the FR12 also performs well with detuned guitars and the low e string of a bass guitar comes through loud and clear, with no fuss.

The FR12’s guitar-cab looks mean it fits in perfectly with any backline setup and this combination of good looks, high sound pressure and precise, top-drawer sound is a regular cause of surprise. All of this makes the FR12 the perfect 4x12 killer. And at a price that wouldn’t even get you a back OP.

A 300w built-in, 2 channel, fanless power amplifier drives the cab, with a full function digital signal processor to provide the equalisation and limiting. Comprehensive limiters protect the drivers, and a simple push-button switch enebles you to switch between "flat" "loudness correction" and "bass cut" modes. Flashes on the LED indicate which mode is active. In-built limit detection causes the LED to flash rapidly if the amplifier limits are exceeded.

Built from lightweight tonewoods and high quality neodymium drivers, the FR12 is a powerful and compact solution that can be used at home, in the practice room or on stage to release the true potential of the latest generation of digital amp modeling equipment.


  • 12" high-performance loudspeaker
  • 1" horn tweeter
  • 300 Watt power amp
  • Frequency response: 50 Hz - 20 KHz
  • Dimensions: 52cm x 30cm x 45cm
  • Weight: 13 Kg

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