Fractal Audio Artists

Steve Vai

Solo & Collaborative Artist

"The new Axe-FX II has all the functionality and tonal quality of the Axe-FX I, and then some. The introduction of the Axe-FX 1 unit into the pantheons of guitar FX processors was akin to the invention of the wheel. The Axe-FX two is like having 4 wheels and racing into the abyss."

Steve's Website

John Petrucci

Dream Theater

"The Axe-Fx II takes everything I love about the Ultra to the next level. All of the FX sound richer and the new interface makes it even easier to use. My rig has a new openness and clarity and sounds so much better as a result."

John's Website


Sunrise Avenue

"The ones and zeros were back in the days not the way I thought music and especially guitar playing would end up being. Now that it is more or less everyday life why not choose the best tools around, Axe-Fx II. It`s limitless opportunities makes life really enjoyable both live and in studio."

Riku's Website


The Aristocrats

"Finally, a digital panacea for guitar tone which actually works: I never thought the day would come, but the sound and feel of this magic black box are so "real" that witchcraft would appear to be the only logical explanation... Most pleasing!"

Guthrie's Website



"The quality of all the effects is superb. There is great depth and transparency, and excellent imaging that makes listening with in-ear monitoring a wonderful aural experience. The choices are limitless and it's fully loaded with all the options you'd ever need."

Alex's Website

Mikael Åkerfeldt, Fredrik Åkesson

artist opeth.567797d1ce7b92673a02c66a9be9caf73Opeth

Fredrik - "Simply the best guitar effects processor out there."
Mikael - "I've used the full spectrum of the Axe-Fx, from the Ultra to the XL, and it is just splendid."

Opeth Website



Hat vier Axe-Fx II im Einsatz bei Rammstein. G66: „Hi Paul, würdest Du uns etwas über dein Ultra Setup  erzählen?”
Paul Landers: „Nö“.

Rammstein's Website

Richard Williams

artist richard williams.567797d1ce7b92673a02c66a9be9caf75Kansas

"After playing through the Axe-Fx II for a while I went back to my rig to compare, and it just felt like it was fighting me. You guys have really closed the gap here on both the amps and the effects. This is just incredible technology."

Kansas' Website



“The Axefx is definitely the best and most important piece of gear that i own. Not only do i use it when producing the bands i work with (including my band Periphery) but we all go direct with it live as well and sound so much better as a result. It has revolutionized the world of guitars and tone for me, and i would be lost without it!”

Misha's Facebook



“I've seen the Axe FX turn the most battle hardened tone snob into a believer in a matter of minutes, including myself. There are no substitutes, no equals, the Axe FX has finally made me feel like I don't have to upgrade anymore, I've completed my tone journey and the destination is most definitely the Axe FX."

Periphery Myspace


Billy Idol, Atomic Playboys

“To say that my AxeFX Ultra is a guitar efx unit is laughable. It's become a sonic religion to me..”

Steve's Website

Sean Spicer

artist sean spicer.567797d1ce7b92673a02c66a9be9caf75Solo Artist, Tom Kurlander & Pale Blue Sound, Morph Kings

"I've fallen in love with the Axe-Fx II.  The tonal power is amazing - so many different amps and effects, and everything is updatable.  I can program all of my signal chains just the way I want them, and be able to recall those sounds at any time.  I don't have to worry ever again about recreating my studio tones for live performance."

Sean's Website

Pete Thorn

artist pete thornChris Cornell, Melissa Etheridge

"The Axe-Fx is just an amazing tool in your arsenal and it's getting more and more amazing all the time. It's fantastic. I can basically get the sound of my studio now -- both with the impulse response capture and the tone match feature -- ...and take it with me!”

Pete's Website

Číst dál...



"The AxeFx achieves literally every tone I want for our music, and then some. From all the tones on the new record, to everything we use live - it's all AxeFX. I've never played through such a diverse, dynamic, yet straightforward unit. It re-shaped the way I think about guitar tone and I honestly can't see myself ever going back."
Mark'a Website

Neal Schon

Journey, Santana, Solo Artist

"I've tried every modelling unit available on this planet and the Fractal is by far miles ahead in every area. It's also proven to be flawlessly dependable in the studio and live performances. So no matter who tries to get what out of me.... you're not getting my Fractal..."

Neal's Website

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Bill Kelliher

artist bill kelliher.567797d1ce7b92673a02c66a9be9caf73Mastodon

"Welcome to the future, people! The Axe-Fx is the answer to so many limitations I've faced with amps and pedals. The future is now and its name is Axe-Fx!"

Mastodon's Website

Robin Finck

artist robin finck.567797d1ce7b92673a02c66a9be9caf73Nine Inch Nails

"I've reprogrammed the whole NIN show using the Fractal. I have never sounded better and I’m psyched with each preset for every song.  Really love the thing!"

Robin's Website

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Jack Douglas

artist jack douglas.567797d1ce7b92673a02c66a9be9caf73Engineer, Producer

"The Axe-Fx II performs beautifully! Many of the guitarists I produce are amp-tone purists. They can be reluctant to try a unit like this but in no time at all they love working with it! I always get in there and work with microphone, amplifier and pedal combinations, and the Axe-Fx puts it all at your fingertips. The tones are easy to fit into the mix and the FX processing opens doors for artist creativity. I love it!"

Henrik Linder

artist henrik linder.567797d1ce7b92673a02c66a9be9caf73Dirty Loops

"The Axe-Fx II is the most powerful unit out there with the least limitations. I talked to a lot of people and tried other products. The Axe-Fx II was the best sound processor I found and it was a very easy decision to go with the Fractal."

Dirty Loops' Website

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Sharon Aguilar

artist sharon aguilar.567797d1ce7b92673a02c66a9be9caf75Cee Lo Green, 2NE1

"The Axe FX II is simply unreal. It has a ton of capabilities that I never imagined could be found in a single unit. It totally rocks!"


Steven Bradley

artist stephen bradley.567797d1ce7b92673a02c66a9be9caf75I Wrestled A Bear Once

"Not only is the AXE FX II the best tool on Earth for shaping your dream tones and fx, but you get to bring them with you everywhere you go in only 2 rack spaces! I ditched giant flight cases and a huge pedal board in favor of one easy-to-carry rack and an MFC-101, and I couldn't be happier."

I Wrestled A Bear Once's Website

Stephen Chesney

artist stephen chesney.567797d1ce7b92673a02c66a9be9caf75Waking Jonah, Solo Artist

"I used my AXE-FX Standard direct through FOH from House of Blues to Festivals. Now with my Axe-FX 2 I not only use it live, but direct in the studio for everything I do. As a musician, the Axe-FX 2 is as important to me as is my guitar itself."

Stephen's Website


Guns N' Roses

"The Axe-FX II has been a total game-changer for me. Hard for me to admit to, after all the money i've spent collecting vintage amps! I've redone my entire live rig around it and it's now less than 1/2 the size it used to be. It's become an essential part of my studio rig as well. It's the first modeling technology i've heard that actually works for me."

Richard's Website


Béla Fleck & the Flecktones

"The Axe-Fx is a really great sounding box. It has improved my electric banjo sound considerably."

Béla's Website


Zappa Plays Zappa

"The new Axe-Fx II made my head spin. Amazing amp feel & endless tone. This is a quantum leap... a major milestone in guitar technology."

Dweezil's Website



"We recently purchased Axe-Fx units and as you know, it is a transcendental experience... especially for those who love developing tones with movement and textures to use for composition as we do. We feel as though we found a life partner in this system!"

Stephen's & Sergio's Website



"We have all heard manufacturers advertise being able to reproduce any tone, but Fractal is the first to actually live up to that statement. From the dynamic response to how the gain clips, I feel like the Axe-Fx is responding to my playing instead of altering it. Flexible routing... effects... unbelievable! The all-in-one must have unit!’"

Chris's Website

George Solonos

artist george solonosProducer, Composer

"Outstanding technology / inspiration in a box! The new Axe-Fx is now the most valuable tool in my studio and up on the stage. Its top-notch quality along with its compact all-inclusive plug n’ play ability; give everything else a run for their money. Studio, or up on the stage, this thing delivers every time!"

George's Website



"With the Fractal Axe-Fx II, you can literally do anything. For me that means recreateing an intense history of crushing metal tones spanning three definitive decades, so that is saying a lot -- and beyond -- this is the new state-of-the-art."

Dave's Website


Creed, Alter Bridge

"The tone of the Axe-Fx II is simply amazing, and that is coming from a self-admitted amp junkie. This thing delivers amps, cabs, effects, and total control. I am seriously impressed, and hooked."

Mark's Website


Keith Urban

"The Axe-FX II is absolutely the most useful and flexible tone tool you could ever have. It is custom made for everyone.”

Brian's Website


Def Leppard

"I have lost track of how many times I have looked at my Guitar Tech and said "this sounds f#$%ing amazing!"

Phil's Website


Lincoln Brewster

"Ever since I starting playing guitar, I have been a serious tone chaser. It's got to sound right AND feel right. For me, those two things are never negotiable. I can honestly say that I have yet to achieve a better tone on anything, anywhere than I have with the Axe-Fx. It is a truly brilliant design.”

Lincoln's Website




Gavin Rossdale, Helmet, Orange 9mm

“When it comes to tone, I will not compromise. The Axe-Fx is my big rig in a small box. Seriously powerful!”


Solo Artist

"The Axe-Fx Ultra has helped and inspired me to move to the next level. I used it exclusively for all electric guitar sounds on my album, "Axe-Files". The Axe-Fx Ultra also makes the ultimate live guitar rig, eliminating the need for unreliable tube amps, effect racks, messy stomp-pedalboards and guitar amp micing."
Ketil's Website


Solo Artist

“I’ve sold ALL of my old 19” rack stuff, and there was plenty of it, believe me. I don’t need any of it anymore! There can’t be any higher praise for the Axe-Fx Ultra."

Peter's Website



"Sowohl die Vintage Sounds wie auch die Effekte sind absolute Weltklasse und klingen wahnsinnig!  Dazu die schier grenzenlosen  Routingmöglichkeiten, einfach  ein Traum."

Karat Website


Studio Musician, Steely Dan, Michael Jackson, et. al.

“The Ultra has the good amp sounds, the great effects collection, and the controls and routing to let you make this virtual guitar rig the one you want.  Soulful and smart, that's a good combination. ”

Dave Weiner

artist dave weiner.567797d1ce7b92673a02c66a9be9caf75Steve Vai band, Solo Artist, Visible At Night

“The Axe Fx is the most exciting thing in the guitar world today. I use the plethora of amps for direct recording in the studio and it's also integral part of my live rig. Plus the people at Fractal have set the new standard for customer service and constantly pushing the technology forward.”

Adrian's Website

Paul Waggoner

artist paul waggonerBetween the Buried and Me

“For years we accumulated a multitude of amps and Fx with hopes of achieving the perfect tone. The end result was just a muddy, convoluted mess. Now, in one rack unit, the Axe-FX delivers the highest quality tones and effects while maintaining the authentic 'feel' of a tube amp. and is quickly becoming the standard for even the most dogmatic of tone junkies.”

Between the Buried and Me Website

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Eric Wollman

artist eric wollman.567797d1ce7b92673a02c66a9be9caf75Quantum Mechanics, Solo Artist

“The Axe-FX is the most musically inspiring piece of equipment I have ever plugged into. The tone has a clarity that allows me a greater level of expression. It is a true extension of my playing. It is simply amazing!”

Eric's Website

Felix Martin

artist felix martin.567797d1ce7b92673a02c66a9be9caf75Solo Artist

“The Axe FX II is the perfect device for any multi-output instrument such as the Chapman Stick, Warr Guitar, 14-string guitar, regular guitars with piezo, doubleneck 6/12 string, etc. I'm basically using different effects for each one of the 4 outputs of my guitar, having the greatest sound quality. Amazing, and ready to go!”

Felix' Website

Galo Rivera

artist galo rivera.567797d1ce7b92673a02c66a9be9caf75Solo Artist, Instructor

“Man!!! The Axe-Fx II with v10 is absolutely a huge game changer. I though I would never say this but “NO MORE GUITAR AMPS FOR ME BABY!!!” I'm completely done searching. I can definitely nail all the lead tones and the cleans are to die for.”

Galo's Website

George Pajon

artist george pajon.567797d1ce7b92673a02c66a9be9caf75The Black Eyed Peas

“I freakin' love this thing! I haven't used an amp in the studio for months, and now I've built a live rig around it too. The tone is second to none!”

Black Eyed Peas Website

Derryl Gabel

artist derryl gable.567797d1ce7b92673a02c66a9be9caf75Solo Artist, Instructor

“The Axe II is without a doubt the best all in one amp modeler and FX processor in the world. It has replaced all my previous amps and FX racks. To top it all off, when they improve their technology you just go to their website and download a free firmware update. Simply put, Fractal Audio and the Axe FX dominate!”

Derryl's Website

David Shankle

artist david shankle.567797d1ce7b92673a02c66a9be9caf75Manowar, David Shankle Group

“The Axe Fx II is a guitar player's dream. It is the most versatile and real sounding unit on the market. My tone is killer, and I I the pitch harmonizing is excellent.”

David's Website


David Walliman

artist david walliman.567797d1ce7b92673a02c66a9be9caf75Public Alchemy, YouTube Sensation

“The Axe FX II is everything I ever wished for. It inspires me to play more while making me sound better. I highly recommend it to anyone serious about tone.”


Devin Bronson

artist devin bronson.567797d1ce7b92673a02c66a9be9caf75Session Guitarist, Avril Lavigne, David Cook

“The quality of amp modeling and effects in the Axe FX 2 are insane!  I find it to be perfect for tracking and inspiring for just sitting and writing.”

Devin's Website

DJ Ashba

artist dj ashba.567797d1ce7b92673a02c66a9be9caf75Guns N' Roses, SixxAM

“The Axe-Fx II is hands-down the most amazing guitar rig I have ever had the opportunity to plug into. In the studio or playing live it delivers nothing but quality tones and effects for days. I am simply blown away by this unit. It is every monster guitar rig all-in-one thanks guys!”

DJ Ashba's Website


Douglas Blair

artist douglas blair.567797d1ce7b92673a02c66a9be9caf75W.A.S.P., signal2noise, BBE

“This amazing piece of engineering is a blank canvas, allowing me to replace 3 separate amp systems that took two men to move. It is flexible enough to fully represent my normal and dual-format instruments: onstage, in studio, rehearsal and clinics. It is carry-on baggage for overseas and coast-to-coast commutes to work, yet sounds like every guitarist's, studio engineer's and FOH mixer's wet dream!”

Douglas' Website

Adrian's Website

dUg Pinnick

artist dug pinnick.567797d1ce7b92673a02c66a9be9caf75King's X, Supershine, Solo Artist

“The Fractal is awesome. Wow! Everyone is talking about it. The sound is actually cleaner and clearer than with all the patching I had to do before. Rock on.”


Dustie Waring

artist dustie waring.567797d1ce7b92673a02c66a9be9caf75Between the Buried and Me

“Everything that I've always wanted to be able to accomplish with tone, effects and convenience is now possible. The Axe-Fx changed everything for me and has made the live experience so much smoother. Mind blowing technology.”

Between the Buried and Me Website

Číst dál...


artist deftonesStephen Carpenter & Sergio Vega

“We recently purchased Axe-Fx units and as you know, it is a transcendental experience... especially for those who love developing tones with movement and textures to use for composition as we do. We feel as though we found a life partner in this system!”

Deftones Website

Ehsaan Noorani

artist ehsaan noorani.567797d1ce7b92673a02c66a9be9caf75Shankar-Ehsaan-Loy trio, Fender Signature Artist, Composer/Music Director

“The Axe-Fx takes guitar into uncharted areas. It achieves the single most important thing and that is realness—be it the sound or the feel. Every serious player should get one whether for recording or live use.”

Ehsaan's Website

Mike Mulholland & Jesse Ketive

artist emmure.567797d1ce7b92673a02c66a9be9caf75Emmure

“The Axe-Fx II has completely reshaped not only our sound, but also the way we're able to take it with us. Countless pieces of gear have been replaced, our tones are better than ever, and it fits right in the overhead compartment on flights. Can't beat it!”


Guru Ganesha

artist guru ganesha.567797d1ce7b92673a02c66a9be9caf75Guru Ganesha Band

“I've been on a 45-year quest for the perfect electric guitar sounds and had almost given up hope when I recently was turned onto the Axe-Fx II. Now I've been able to dial in sounds that I couldn't even conjure up in my dreams. You've proven to me that there must be a God!”

Guru's Website

Hershel Yatovitz

artist hershel yatovitz.567797d1ce7b92673a02c66a9be9caf75Chris Isaak Band, Solo Artist

“Fractal Audio has matched and even beaten the old school effects, tubes, speakers and microphones approach with digital technology. Not only have they created a device which captures the nuance, mojo and fidelity of the real thing, but it's like having hundreds of real things, stock and custom, in two rack spaces. It is soulful, rich and alive. To me the Axe-Fx II is the new real thing.”

Hershel's Website

Číst dál...

Wes Hauch

artist wes hauch.567797d1ce7b92673a02c66a9be9caf75Glass Casket

“The sound and feel are undeniable... I feel tube heads are going to become as relevant as VHS tapes. There’s no stopping this train.”


Vinai Trinateepakdee

artist vinai trina.567797d1ce7b92673a02c66a9be9caf75Guitarist/Producer

“I nevered expected that an all-in-one digital unit could replace my real amp rig, but the Fractal Audio Axe-Fx II did. It's a dream come true!”


Tymon Kruidenier

artist tymonExivious

“I've always loved the concept of having your entire rig in one unit and with the Axe-FX I can have that without compromising in tone or versatility. The kind of music I play requires a lot of completely different sounds and approaches, the Axe-FX pulls this off with great ease!”

Exivious' Website

Travis Montgomery

artist travis montgomery.567797d1ce7b92673a02c66a9be9caf75Threat Signal, The Jeff Loomis Band

“Thanks to Fractal Audio I can have my entire rig in two rack spaces. The Axe-fx II is hands down the the best piece of gear that you can have for the studio or live environment.”

Tommy Kessler

artist tommy kessler.567797d1ce7b92673a02c66a9be9caf75Blondie, Blue Man Group. Rock of Ages

“Fractal Audio is the real deal...Real tone, real portable, real easy. The possibilities of this unit would require an endless amount of amps, pedals and rack gear to achieve.”

Tommy's Website

Tom Quayle

artist tom quayle.567797d1ce7b92673a02c66a9be9caf75Online Instructor, Solo Artist

“The Axe-Fx has totally changed the way I work and my perception of great tone! The ability to have so many incredible tones and effects at your fingertips for both live and studio work seems too good to be true, but with the Axe-Fx you really can have it all..”

Tom's Website

Tom Cochrane

artist tom cochrane.567797d1ce7b92673a02c66a9be9caf75Glass Casket

“The sound and feel are undeniable... I feel tube heads are going to become as relevant as VHS tapes. There’s no stopping this train.”


Thomas Nordegg

artist thomas nordegg.567797d1ce7b92673a02c66a9be9caf75Living Legend; Guitar Tech to the Stars (Frank AND Dweezil. S. Vai, S. Lukather, Y. Malmsteen, W. Cuccurullo, etc. etc.)

“Beyond beyond. Really wonderful performance, total world class. No wonder they're sold before they're even made! Really amazed by ... everything!”

Thibault de Robillard

artist thibault de robillard.567797d1ce7b92673a02c66a9be9caf75Youtube's thibderob, Feedback, Solo Artist

“Getting a terrific tone has never been so easy, and I've never sounded so good live or in the studio. From dry amp tones to complex sophisticated effects, the Axe Fx has it all.”


Tim & Jon Foreman

artist switchfoot.567797d1ce7b92673a02c66a9be9caf75Switchfoot

“The Axe-FX eliminates the barriers that stand between what I imagine and what is possible. It is an amazing tool on the road and in the studio.”

Switchfoot's Website

Nguyên Lê

artist nguyen le.567797d1ce7b92673a02c66a9be9caf75Guitarist, Composer, Arranger, Producer, Sound Magic

“I used the Ultra on "Sounds of Freedom" to create the best guitar sounds I have ever recorded (after 14 solo albums!) 

The Axe-Fx II is even more fantastic... with even more body, complexity and presence... even more purity, width and warmth. This is virtuosity in technology.”

Nguyên's Website

Monte Pittman

artist monte pittman.567797d1ce7b92673a02c66a9be9caf75Madonna, Prong, Solo Artist

“Adding the Fractal Axe-FX2 in my rig is one of the wisest things I've ever done. It's completely changed my playing, ideas, and career for the better. I use it with my Jarrell MPS guitar and Orange heads for the best variety of the highest quality guitar sounds I've ever heard.”

Monte's Website

Marcus Rezak

artist marcus rezak.567797d1ce7b92673a02c66a9be9caf75Digital Tape Machine, Solo Artist

“Since switching to Fractal Audio Axe-Fx II, I love the ease of achieving any tones I need with lightweight compatibility on the road or in the studio.  I get my electronic dance/rock-style sounds that I would need racks-upon-racks to achieve otherwise with a set up time of seven minutes or less.”

Digital Tape Machine Website

Joel Hoekstra

artist joel hoekstra.567797d1ce7b92673a02c66a9be9caf75Rock of Ages, Night Ranger, Trans-Siberian Orchestra

“The Fractal Audio Axe-Fx II is a go-to piece of gear. Killer tones! Pristine effects! ...puts the "Rock" in Rock of Ages.”

Joel's Website

Julia Pierce

artist julia pierce.567797d1ce7b92673a02c66a9be9caf75Solo Artist

“My Axe-Fx II and MFC-101 are a guitar player's dream. I have access to limitless, amazing tones and effects with superb quality. Live setup is a breeze too... no more over-sized pedal boards! My rig survived 2012 Warped Tour last summer without any glitches whatsoever, and still going strong. Fractal Rocks!!!”


Cooper Carter

artist cooper carter.567797d1ce7b92673a02c66a9be9caf75YouTube's SoloAWeek, Wesley Cook Band, The Swear, Solo Artist

“Live or in the studio, the Axe-Fx II is the most potent artistic tool a guitarist can own, bar none. I've never before captured such beautiful, full guitar sounds so easily, whether I'm dialing in a famous tone for an episode of SoloAWeek or tweaking my own tone to arrive at what I've always heard in my head. The Axe-Fx II inspires me to create every day.”

Cooper's Website

Chris Letchford

artist chris letchford.567797d1ce7b92673a02c66a9be9caf75Scale The Summit

“The Axe-Fx II allows you to bring any sound out there in any genre to your studio or live environment.  Anyone who tells me they can't get a good sound out of the Axe-Fx just simply hasn't tried.”

Chris' Website

Číst dál...

Dean Herrera

artist dean herrera.567797d1ce7b92673a02c66a9be9caf75The Human Abstract

“Axe-fx changed the spectrum of sound for myself and many other modern metal players - i was sold the second i started toying around with one, and now im hooked! I use it in the studio and on tour.”



King Crimson, Tom Tom Club, Frank Zappa

“Powerful, pristine, flexible, deep, monstrous and dead quiet. TheAxe-Fx is world-class processing at its best.”

Adrian's Website

Austin Woodward

artist austin woodward.567797d1ce7b92673a02c66a9be9caf75Solo Artist

"The Axe Fx II is the perfect solution for that guitar tone I've always had in my head. It has revolutionized my recording and production. Don't know what I would do without it!"


Richard Chycki

artist richard chycki.567797d1ce7b92673a02c66a9be9caf75Mixer, Engineer (Rush, Dream Theater, Aerosmith, Def Leppard)

“The Axe-fx II is a powerful processor offering an innovative way to capture and create guitar tones that are instantly recallable at any time.  Using the Axe-Fx II is truly an inspirational experience.”

Richard's Website

Číst dál...

Anouck André

artist anouck andre.567797d1ce7b92673a02c66a9be9caf75Solo Artist, Session Musician, Teacher

"For live or studio use the Axe-Fx II is the best tool ever! This is really the ultimate 21st-century unit for the guitarist. A year ago I couldn't see myself playing without a tube amp, now I just can't see myself without my Axe-Fx II."

Anouck's Website

Billy Howerdel

artist billy howerdel.567797d1ce7b92673a02c66a9be9caf75A Perfect Circle, Ashes Divide

"I went from 16U of beloved gear to an Axe-Fx II and a Marshall head with no compromises! (...and I'm a very picky motherf**k'r) It's an impressive piece that lets me reproduce old favorite sounds but more importantly, inspires new ideas. I've finally found a single FX unit that bypasses distracting limitations and lets me get straight to the creative process."

A Perfect Circle Website

Blues Saraceno

artist blues saraceno.567797d1ce7b92673a02c66a9be9caf75Solo Artist

"The vast array of endless sonic possibilities make my Fractal Axe-Fx II a hot-ticket item in the studio!"

Blues' Website

Carl Roa

artist carl roa.567797d1ce7b92673a02c66a9be9caf75Magic Elf, Carl Roa Band

"The Axe-FX II is magic in a box! An incredible array of tones from the small 2 rack space unit. Just about every amp known to man, with a seemingly endless choice of mics, cabs and effects. This amazing technology easily competes with the sonic arsenals found at most top end studios. Simply awesome!"

Carl's Website

Chris Buono

artist chris buono.567797d1ce7b92673a02c66a9be9caf75Karsh Kale, TrueFire Artist, Solo Artist

"The Axe-Fx changed everything for me, a guy whose life had revolved around the good, the bad and the ugly world of pedals! From to-die-for amp and fx processing, to unlimited control, to never having to compromise anything my demented mind comes up with—I'm forever floored."

Chris' Website

Charlie Bellmore

artist charlie bellmore.567797d1ce7b92673a02c66a9be9caf75Kingdom of Sorrow, Jasta, Kings and Liars

"Ok, I've got a major complaint with you Fractal people....WHAT AM I SUPPOSED TO DO WITH ALL THIS GEAR NOW?!!?!? I've got a pile of distortion pedals, fuzz boxes, delays, amps and cabs just collecting dust! Where do you get off making SUCH an awesome product? Takes a lot of nerve to make the best piece of gear I ever owned."

Charlie's Website

Ben Butler

artist ben butler.567797d1ce7b92673a02c66a9be9caf75George Michael, Spider-Man Turn Off the Dark, Paula Cole, Suzanne Vega, East Village Opera Company, etc.

"Thanks to Fractal Audio, digital modeling has finally become a tool you can use in the studio and live without compromising tone and feel. This is hands down the best sounding and most powerful guitar processor available!."

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artist cat.567797d1ce7b92673a02c66a9be9caf75State Line Empire

“I am constantly blown away by the feel and tone. The Axe-Fx provides the tools to inspire you to explore, and to find your true musical voice.”

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Casey Hooper

artist casey hooper.567797d1ce7b92673a02c66a9be9caf75Katy Perry

"With the Axe-Fx, I don't ever have to say 'no'. We can select whatever gear we want to use on-stage with Katy, but we have to be able to achieve the sounds she and the musical director are looking for.  The Axe-Fx II met our needs for the show and sounds incredible."

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Carl Rydlund

artist carl rydlund.567797d1ce7b92673a02c66a9be9caf75Composer, Arranger, Orchestrator, Conductor, Guitarist

"As a go-to box, it's insane.  In my world, it paid for itself in a couple sessions. The pitch is: it doesn't need a pitch. Play it. Listen to it. Like it? Buy it."

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Westernhagen, Harald Schmidt Show etc. 

Die Effekte und Amps sind  auf extrem hohem Niveau. Das erste Gerät, welches bei unterschiedlichsten Einsätzen und Stilrichtungen sofort perfekte Ergebnisse bringt.  

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“All the guitar tone that I need for the Studio and Live fits in 2 rack spaces? The Axe-fx Ultra must be changing the world… it is certainly changing mine."

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Megadeth, Cacaphony

"The Axe-Fx is unreal... amazing, unique, and most importantly, TOTALLY USABLE tone in EVERY SITUATION"

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"The Axe-Fx does everything well, but most importantly it articulates the science of great tone with an organic sensibility and utter precision!’"

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"I've always loved the concept of having your entire rig in one unit and with the Axe-FX I can have that without compromising in tone or versatility. The kind of music I play requires a lot of completely different sounds and approaches, the Axe-FX pulls this off with great ease!’"

Exivious' Website


We Rock, Freaky Voices, RoxxBusters

"The Axe-Fx II is a two- space blast! At all my concerts and every studio job it’s just two cables into the mixer and I’m ready! The tech, the audience, the band; they all love the sound!"

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"There is a world of possibilities in that little box and I am enjoying getting to know it!’"


Styx, The Babys

"I've always felt the quest for creating and finding the perfect sound was forever and ongoing. Fractal Audio is closing the gap...with multiple choices.’"

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King’s  X, The Jelly Jam

"I can replace multiple effects units in my rig with a single Axe-Fx Ultra - and it sounds better.  All I can say is, ‘Wow!’"

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The Devin Townsend Band, Strapping Young Lad

"You've heard rumors about this new alien black box… Believe them! My two most recent records and live sound are direct Axe-Fx. Future now. It allows the culmination of all I've learned about amps and effects to happen in two rackspaces with uncompromised, unbelievable quality and accuracy.’"
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The Smashing Pumpkins,  The Lassie Foundation

“The Axe-Fx not only models the best sounds of the past, it will also create the future.  I find this unit truly inspiring.”



“I am able to create the exact guitar sound and touch dynamics I want from the ground up with my Axe-Fx.  Need I say more?”

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Anthrax, DeuxMonkey

"I had many dreams of a mad scientist inputting vintage amp blueprints into computer chips, and giving me the ability to somehow mod the circuits without a soldering gun. I'm alive and it's here. How the $#&% did they do it? We've just turned the corner big time ."


The Other Ones, Rat Dog with Bob Weir, Jemimah Puddleduck, Solo Artist

"A "dyed-in-the-wool" tube freak, I didn't even WANT to believe the Axe/Fx could be a realistic option for me... boy was i wrong. It delivers on all-important FEEL and VIBE. and can effectively take the place of my entire multi-amp touring rig." 

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Down from Up, 2007 Guitarmageddon Winner

"The Axe-Fx is hands down, the most powerful and best sounding guitar unit to date. The effects in it are beautiful, the amp models retain the feel of a real amp, and the ability to create your own IRs is fantastic! This unit really has no limitations!’"

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Solo Artist

“In the twenty years that I’ve been working as a professional musician no other device has impressed me as much as the Axe-Fx II. Cliff Chase has changed the world!."

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Sebastian Bach, Solo Artist

"The Axe-Fx… Prepare yourself to be totally consumed! This unit is the future and beyond. Amazing!’"

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Solo Artist

“The possibilities the Axe FX offer are endless. From pristine cleans to high gain searing leads and everything in between, I can control every single detail of my tone with an almost embarassing ease. And the effects are awesome as well. Simply unbelievable"

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Grammy Winning Producer, Guitarist

"One my best purchases ever!  With my Axe-Fx I can now tour the world with my ultimate tone rig – and it’s a carry-on!"

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Solo Artist

“My Axe-Fx has not only replaced all my rack gear and channel switching amps, but for the first time I have a consistent tone night after night regardless of venue!”

Ed's Website


Animals As Leaders

"Upon getting the AxeFX Ultra I promptly got rid of all of my other amps and pedals. Beyond dialing in spot-on tube amp tones, the Axe Fx inspires me to create sounds that transcend the conventional guitar amp. I consider it another instrument, and indispensable.’"

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Solo Artist, Outworld

"What can I say? I am blown away by the Axe Fx Ultra. It does everything and more. What really amazes me is that the amps do not sound 'digital' at all."

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Solo Artist/Session Player

"The Axe-Fx has changed the way I work and sound. Its convenience is second to none -- I can track a piece in 1 day and visit it 3 months later and it's like I never left the session ...Great for a TV show piece or my own projects. The best piece of guitar gear I have purchased."

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“Sick. The Axe-Fx is, bar-none, the best effects processor-slash-amp modeller out there. I plan to use it for the rest of my career."

Ken's Website


Composer/Producer: Robot Chicken, et al

“I constantly need an insanely wide range of different tones. I have literally sold all my other amps because whatever everything else does, the Fractal can do it just as well -- faster, and with no ear splitting microphones in the room. I am simply blown away."

Shawn's Website


Black Sugar Transmission, Acey Slade, p0p*stAr*kiDs

"The AxeFX Ultra changed everything. I haven't set a mic in front of an amp since I got it. It makes dialing up tones ridiculously quick and easy. It's a wonderful creative tool, The fidelity, flexibility and facility of this unit make it a godsend for guitarists.’"

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Solo Artist

"I can safely say this is the unit I've been waiting for for the last 25 years. It's a tonechaser's dream come true!’"

Will's Website


Smash Mouth, Rob Cavallo, Jack Joseph Puig, John Mayer

“I'm now living in Nashville TN and I've been blowing people away with my Ultra. I love the Axe-Fx!"

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Sam Hill Band

“Finally something that sounds and FEELS real!!! The breathtaking FX are the icing on the cake!!! I am blown away! ”



"You will hear and read a lot of things about the Axe-Fx ultra, but nothing will prepare you for the sounds that come from this unit! The sonic possibilities are mind-blowing... Worth every #@{!\ penny!’"

Trivium Website


Solo Recording Artist, Justin Timberlake, Michael Jackson

"The Axe-Fx is arguably the most impressive guitar related item I've ever owned."

Greg's Website


Mr. Pollack

"I had been strugling on stage with tube amps for ages before my Axe II arrived.No headaches anymore! I recorded my most recent album "Seven Sources" with the Axe II as my main amp and it's the best sound of my career. Thank you Fractal Audio that you exist!’"

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Living Colour

"I have heard the future and it ROCKS! The Axe-FX Ultra gives you outstanding tone and almost limitless programming possibilities -Plug in and freak out!"
Photo © 2009 Steve Jenkins


L.A. Studio Guitarist - Neil Diamond Band

“I love my Axe-FX Ultra - so much fidelity, amp goodness & processing power under one roof.  The ‘sonic bar’ has been totally recalibrated by Fractal Audio!”


Hectic Watermelon, Marco Minneman's Normalizer

“The AxeFX Ultra is a transformational tool. It’s the first single unit I have ever witnessed that has not only the stunning sonic quality, but also the flexible routing and control capabilities of a professional multi-amp rack rig. It’s truly a game-changer.”

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