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Matrix GT1000FX


Despite their low weight and diminutive dimensions, the Matrix GT1000FX 1u and GT1000FX 2u 19" rack mount stereo power amps with MOSFET solid state technology offer the following advantages:

  • Full, lively sound
  • Excellent dynamics
  • Power to cut through the mix
  • 2x500 Watt stereo / 1000 Watt mono
  • Minimal heat development
  • No humming
  • High output
  • Lots of headroom
  • Bridge and mono modes
  • Safeguarded against incorrect use
  • Flexible connections for various impedances and cabinets


Not many guitarists will ever need 1000 Watts, but having that much power in reserve with so much headroom and dynamics behind you is both impressive and reassuring. On top of this both the 1u and 2u versions of the GT1000FX power amps are extremely flexible when it comes to connecting up cabinets with differing impedences. In bridged mode both power amp modules are combined into one single power monster.


  • 2 x 350 Watts to 8 Ohm
  • 2 x 500 Watts to 4 Ohm
  • 650 Watts in bridged mode to 16 ohms
  • 1000 Watts im bridged mode to 8 ohms

And all this comes with a signal-to-noise ratio of 96 dB and a THD (total harmonic distortion) of just 0.06% at 1kHz, or <0.1% between 20Hz and 20kHz at full power!


The space-saving and light (only 3.7kg) 1u version of the GT1000FX with 1000 Watts is ideal for live use. The 2u version weighs just over four kilos and due to its larger, quieter fans it is the perfect choice for studios or any other environment where ultra-quiet operation is paramount. Apart from the fans and the housing height the two machines are built identically.


The Matrix GT1000FX power amps were developed specifically with guitarists in mind. They are ideal for use with all the Axe-Fx versions and are highly recommended by Fractal Audio. Of course they also work brilliantly with other amp and effects modellers, tube preamps, modelling amps with line-out jacks and as slave amps.


They can do loud, they can do quiet and, should the need arise, they can do really, really loud as well. Punch, dynamics and great sound that really cuts through, in a way that gets every guitarist's heart going.


Aside from the obvious power socket, the Matrix GT1000FX offers five connection jacks. Per channel there is one Neutrik combi 1/4 inch/XLR input and a combi 1/4inch/Speakon output and for the bridge mode there is also a dedicated 1/4inch/Speakon output.


Any suitable loudspeaker cabinets can easily be connected to the Matrix GT1000FX. The user is completely free to decide whether to use a full-range passive monitor or a guitar cabinet, either with or without speaker/cabinet simulation


When it comes to connecting up loudspeaker cabs the Matrix is extremely guitarist-friendly, tolerant and flexible. Using a 2x12 box with one 8 ohm speaker and one 16 ohm speaker in mono is no problem, nor is using a 4 ohm cabinet on one side and a 16 ohm cab on the other side in stereo mode. Per channel you can run any speakers (or speaker combinations) with a minimum impedance of 4 ohms and in bridged mode the minimum impedence is 8 ohms.


  • The rear panel holds a switch for the three output modes. The selected mode is shown on the front panel LEDs:
  • In stereo mode channels A and B can be run independently and can be fed by different signals.
  • In parallel mono mode input A feeds both channels and both power amps. Input B has no use here. Both channels can still be adjusted separately for volume.
  • In bridged mode (mono) the input signal from channel A is sent out of phase to channel B. There is a dedicated loudspeaker jack for bridged mode (mono).


  • A special Soft Start Circuit ensures that when the unit is switched on it draws its power slowly to avoid tripping the house circuit breaker.
  • There is built-in protection against loudspeaker short circuits and overheating.
  • Power-on thump is avoided with a relais-controlled delay in the connection of the speakers.
  • There is no physical connection with the speakers until the unit has powered up.

Tom Quayle

"Just got my Matrix GT1000FX power amp today and giving it a test. Very quick tone demo using the 30 watt Class A model. I'm stunned!!!

The Axe FX II running into a Matrix GT1000FX Power Amp into two Port City Cabs."

Brett Kingman

"Lately I've been drawn in (happily) to the world of Axe-FX II along with its diversity, convenience and inspiration. There's no doubt in my mind that it is one of the most important tools I've owned in my entire career. It can't power a cabinet on its own, though; you need a power amplifier for that job.

A quick look at what other Axe-FX II users were using for power amps, particularly the pros, soon told me that Britain's Matrix Amplification was the top choice due to its sound, weight, functionality and adaptability (in terms of speaker configuration options).

I took a punt and bought for myself the GT 1000FX 2U because it offered mammoth output and studio quietness thanks to its dual-speed 80mm fan. I couldn't be happier so I've made a quick video to show you how it works with a simple mono 4x12 setup."

Steve Stevens (15 min)

I took a punt and bought for myself the GT 1000FX 2U because it offered mammoth output and studio quietness thanks to its dual-speed 80mm fan. I couldn't be happier so I've made a quick video to show you how it works with a simple mono 4x12 setup."


Reviewing the GT1000FX

Pete Thorn

Matrix GT1000FX guitar power amps, demo by Pete Thorn

GT1000FX 2u

Sales price: € 699.-
Sales price excl. VAT: € 587,39
VAT amount: € 111,61

GT1000FX 1u

Sales price: € 699.-
Sales price excl. VAT: € 587,39
VAT amount: € 111,61

Owner's Manual 1u


Owner's Manual 2u



  • Number of channels: 2

  • Watts per channel @ 4 ohm: 500w RMS

  • Watts per channel @ 8 ohm: 325w RMS

  • Watts per channel @ 16 ohm: 150w RMS

  • Bridged mode @ 8 ohm: 1000w RMS

  • Bridged mode @ 16 ohm: 650w RMS

  • Input sensitivity: 0.775V - 0dB

  • Frequency Response (+/-3db ref 1kHz): 8hz-24kHz

  • Weight: 3.7kg / 4.4kg

How to setup your Matrix Amplifier

How to connect your Matrix amp in a variety of way such as stereo, mono and bridged operation. An easy step by step guide to hooking up your amp


Brandon Campbell of DAKOTA reviews his Matrix GT1000FX power amp